06/22/2015 06:16 pm ET Updated Jun 23, 2015

Toddler Flies Upside Down In A Stunt Plane, Loves Every Second Of It

Turbulence? This toddler laughs in the face of it.

Four-year-old Léa Langumier has been flying with her dad, Raphael, since she was 2. And though she's accompanied him on many flights, Raphael, who owns an aerobatic training and flight testing company in Lachute, Quebec, had never flown upside down with her in the plane -- until recently.

"I wanted to make sure she wouldn't panic in the air," Langumier told the Canadian Broadcasting Corp., explaining his (very reasonable) hesitation. "But I really just wanted to make sure it would be a pleasant experience for her."

Judging from video of said experience, Léa doesn't know the meaning of "panic." Instead, the toddler giggled her way through every inverted maneuver. Following almost every flip and turn, Léa can be heard telling her dad, "Papa, I want my head upside down again!"

Langumier told the Toronto Star his daughter wants to be a stewardess when she grows up, but something tells us she might make a good fighter pilot instead.



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