06/22/2015 10:38 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

In A Taste Test Of Vegan Foods, Do They Ever Taste Better Than The Real Thing?

Stefan Czimmek

Here’s the beef (groan) with going vegan: bad-tasting products. Faux meat, faux cheese, faux ice cream -- the list goes on and on for omnivores who just can’t ditch their faves as they get on the plant-based bandwagon. So if you don’t have to be a vegan for health reasons, do any vegan substitutes actually taste good enough to lure you in to the plant-based lifestyle?

We had to find out the truth with an in-house taste test. From dairy to meat, our group of 10 taste testers revealed all when they blindly tasted 8 vegan products against their non-vegan counterparts. No brands were named during the test, and tasters were asked to guess which products were vegan.

Spoiler alert: Vegan cheese is bland, all mayonnaise is swill, and you might want to just refrain from buying processed vegan food if you can avoid it -- although coconut yogurt is rather superb. How would your taste buds, your conscience and your wallet respond after this? And are any of these vegan products delicious enough that even an omnivore might prefer them? Find out below.

This taste test has not been influenced by any of the brands included.

The Ultimate Showdown of Vegan Vs. Non-Vegan Foods

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Vegan Cheese Taste Test