06/23/2015 06:27 pm ET Updated Jun 23, 2015

Radio Host Hugh Hewitt Calls Ted Cruz The Republican Frontrunner For 2016

With more and more Republican candidates jumping into the 2016 race, radio host Hugh Hewitt has a surprising take on the state of the GOP landscape, telling HuffPost Live on Friday that Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) is leading the pack due to a favorable election calendar and his social media prowess.

"Right now he’s actually ... the frontrunner," Hewitt told host Josh Zepps. "Right now, I think he’s actually prepared better to run the board than anybody else. I know conventional wisdom says Jeb’s got the money and Marco Rubio is lighting up the crowds, and he does. But if you look at the social media engagement, if no other measure, Ted Cruz has got the deepest level of social media engagement.”

Hewitt, whose new book The Queen is out now, added that he has "no dog in this fight" considering he'll be asking questions at three GOP debates later this year.

Watch Hewitt's take on 2016 in the video above, and click here for the full HuffPost Live conversation.

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