06/23/2015 10:36 am ET Updated Jun 23, 2015

Norway Women's World Cup Team Shuts Down All The Sexist Haters In Satirical Video

Norway's Women's World Cup team is combating sexism in their own special way: By pretending to admit that they suck at soccer.

With the help of Norwegian journalist Nicolay Ramm, women's national team members Trine Rønning, Ingrid Hjelmseth, Emilie Haavi and Cathrine Dekkerhus produced a short satirical segment stringing together all of the sexist criticisms they face within their sport. It's a video that ESPN's Stephen A. Smith, one of the most popular sexist commentators in sports media, might want to take notice of.

Seconds into the video, Rønning, Norway's captain, fesses up to women's soccer detractors. "We're shit. We suck, plain and simple," she tells Ramm with the sort of cold, candid face of admission that one would expect out of Lance Armstrong.

The players, acknowledging how inferior they are physically compared to men's soccer stars, even come up with a list of tricks and rule changes to "make the game easier."

"Smaller pitches. That's what it takes. We feel like ants running around," Rønning suggested.

Ramm's segment, produced for NRK, also addresses how beautiful Norway's women's team is, because that's all that really matters when females are allowed to play soccer: how the pretty ones look in tight shorts, right? Dekkerhus is identified as "Norway's hottest female soccer player," something that she's said has hurt her career: "My teammates fell in love with me ... Lesbians everywhere. It's teeming with them."

Norway's Maren Mjelde bends the ball to score a game-tying goal against Germany on June 11.

Norway's World Cup run ended yesterday with a 1-0 loss to England in the knockout stage, but when it comes to mixing satire and sexism, these women deserve the Golden Boot.



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