06/24/2015 11:46 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

9 Fashion Items You Should Snag From Your Mom's Closet

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Shopping your own closet is one of the best ways to save money and reinvent your wardrobe. But shopping someone else's closet is even better -- especially when that closet belongs to your oh-so-stylish mom.

You can count on mom's wardrobe to be a treasure trove of goodies that are currently in style or are bound to be back. Right now you'll want to snag some of her fringe pieces, Birkenstocks and silk scarves, amongst other things. Check out the list of items below you should borrow from your mom:

Wrap dress: The eternally chic and flattering frock will never go out of style. Plus mom might even have an original Diane von Furstenberg version up for grabs.

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Ladylike handbag: Every gal should have a top-handle bag for fancy brunches, bridal showers and whenever you feel like having a Jackie O. moment.

Anything with fringe: You'll definitely want to grab her suede fringe jacket, but really, anything with fringe --including bags and shoes -- is a must-have.

Kitten heels: Michelle Obama reminded us of the power of a shortened heel. Beyond being a lot more comfortable than stilettos, kitten heels also look great with everything from dresses to jeans.

Mom jeans: Trust us when we say that mom jeans are totally cool now. The high-waisted, roomy pants might just replace your favorite skinny jeans.

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Silk scarves: The possibilities are endless when it comes to wearing these style staples. The only rule is: have fun!

Cashmere cardigan: One of mom's cozy cardigans is perfect for layering over summer dresses and keeping at arm's reach in your office when the air conditioning gets too chilly.

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Charm bracelets: There's nothing sweeter than wearing some of mom's most precious keepsakes on your wrist.

Birkenstock sandals: Sure, these classic shoes are super popular now, so you can get them almost anywhere. But nothing will be as worn-in and authentic as the ones your mom wore back in the day.

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