06/24/2015 11:30 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Seniors Attend Bonnaroo Music Festival For The First Time And 'Live To Tell About It'

While The Beatles or Elvis might be more to their tastes, four senior citizens braved their first visit to the Bonnaroo Music Festival and Funny or Die was there to capture it.

Denny, Isolde, Anne and Neil, all over 70, hit Nashville earlier this month to attend the famous festival and take in the entire experience. Though they could only describe it as "unusual," the folks were all good sports, trying everything from flash tattoos, selfies and even going on stage with one of the bands.

They even busted a move to some EDM music and met some of the artists, like Mumford and Sons and Ben Folds. "Our children and grandchildren are so impressed," Neil, 78, said.

Though they did their best to embrace the experience, there were just some things they couldn't get on board with. Watch the hilarious video above to see for yourself.

We think Isolde's comment sums it up best: "I think I need a Miracle-Ear now."

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