06/25/2015 04:58 am ET Updated Jun 25, 2015

#SummerInSyria Twitter Campaign Backfires As Netizens Share Horrific Images Of War

When Syria’s state news agency SANA started a Twitter campaign asking people to share photographs with the hashtag #SummerInSyria, they were probably hoping for cheerful, sunny snaps of people having a good time and enjoying the warm weather.

Their plan, however, backfired spectacularly. Instead of happy photos, the hashtag has been used to share images of a war-torn country rocked by years of death and destruction.

On June 22, SANA’s English-language arm sent out this message to its 15,000-plus followers.

This has been the response:

(Warning: There are some disturbing images below.)

Even the U.S. embassy in Syria contributed a photo:

The bloody civil war in Syria is now in its fifth year, and it’s showing no signs of abating. More than 200,000 Syrians have been killed in the conflict and, according to Mercy Corps, more than 11 million have been displaced.

In May, the human rights group called the war “the worst humanitarian disaster of our time.”



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