06/26/2015 08:23 am ET Updated Jun 26, 2015

Is Your Ego Limiting Your Ability To Succeed?


A strong desire to win is a necessary ingredient in anyone’s formula of success. The only way to accomplish your biggest goal is to completely attack it with everything that you have. However, when you invest so much of yourself into a single goal it becomes easier for your ego to kill your confidence and leave you in a state of mental paralysis.

Being ego-driven isn't necessarily a bad thing if it is fed by the right sources of motivation. But your goals have to be born from within and only by the outside world. Those external motivators are in large part why we have a hard time getting over our failures. We tend to measure ourselves too much by what others have to say. If you define your self-worth by how you stack up to other people, you'll always be operating under an umbrella of insecurity because no matter who you are there will always be someone with more.

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