06/26/2015 01:06 pm ET Updated Feb 02, 2016

Marriage Equality USA Director Brian Silva Wants To Turn Marriage Equality Into A 'Yes And' Victory

The Supreme Court's historic decision to legalize same-sex marriage nationwide on Friday is a monumental victory for equality, but progress doesn't stop here. Many LGBTQ Americans still live in areas where the tide of public opinion has not yet turned, and groups like the transgender community and gay racial minorities still face the danger of discrimination and violence.

HuffPost Live's Marc Lamont Hill spoke to a panel of LGBT activists shortly after the court's ruling came down to discuss what's next in the pursuit of full equality, and Marriage Equality USA executive director Brian Silva beautifully expressed the need for continued hard work:

Today can be a "yes and" day. Yes, celebrate. Yes, have joy. ... Celebrate today and say "yes." But then say "yes and." "Yes, and I will continue to work on this." "Yes, and I will get involved in making sure that I can get married and be protected at work and be protected if I'm homeless and be protected if I'm transgender or a person of color or whatever." It's a "yes and" day for everybody. We don't want to obscure the work that's been done, but we don't want it to let us become relaxed in our place and say, "Now it's over."

Get more analysis of the Supreme Court's decision in the full HuffPost Live conversation here.

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