06/29/2015 02:05 pm ET Updated Jun 29, 2015

Now This Is What An Honest Fast Food Commercial Looks Like

People really don't want their fast food commercials this honest.

We're all relatively aware at this point -- or at least we should be -- that fast food manufacturers don't have the customers' best interests in mind when they're trying to get you hooked on one of their latest fat, sugar and salt concoctions.

Or when they're causing your children to subconsciously associate the reward of cheap plastic, painted toys with the sweet, fatty, salty goodness of -- by all measurements -- a pretty unhealthy meal.

Certainly, the fast food industry not going to tell you that those are their intentions! But that's okay, because Cracked has done the work for them, creating what is perhaps the most honest fast food commercial in existence.

Hopefully it will make you angry and not hungry. Or, even worse, hangry.



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