07/02/2015 05:00 pm ET Updated Jul 06, 2015

Record-Breaking Heat Wave Scorches Europe (PHOTOS)

A dangerous heat wave scorching Europe this week is breaking records and forcing people to seek shade and water, as well as refuge indoors.

Triple-digit temperatures baked Spain and Portugal earlier this week before moving on to France, the United Kingdom, Germany, Poland and other areas of Europe, AccuWeather reported.

Madrid set a new record for its June heat on Monday when temperatures reached 103.5 degrees Fahrenheit, according to the Weather Channel, and southern Spain's Cordoba experienced 110.7 degrees on Sunday. A heat of 98.1 degrees at London's Heathrow Airport on Wednesday set a new record for July heat in all of the U.K., while the 103.5 degrees recorded in Paris that same day was the hottest reading in the city since 1873.

While history's deadliest heat wave -- centered in France in 2003 -- killed 70,000 people across Europe, Slate notes that such fatalities are unlikely to happen now thanks to an increase in preparedness and warning systems, including daily phone calls to the most vulnerable people.

Research suggests such extreme heat waves, including the one in India that killed more than 1,400 people last month, are largely the result of human-caused climate change. A study published last year in the journal Nature Climate Change found that Europe is now 10 times more likely to see another heat wave as intense as that of 2003 than it was one decade ago.

See photos below of how Europeans are coping with this summer's heat wave.

Europe Heat Wave 2015