08/08/2015 09:06 am ET Updated Aug 08, 2015

27 Powerful Pieces Of Graffiti That Paint Greece's Frustration Amidst Crisis

Greece’s debt crisis reached new heights last month as the government in Athens and the country's international creditors engaged in contentious negotiations over a third bailout in exchange for new austerity measures.

Some Greeks have weighed in on the crisis in a highly visual way -- with colorful murals on Athens' walls.

Many of the murals have emerged in Exarcheia, a district in Athens that typically draws anarchists and leftists and is known for its art scene. The drawings make parts of Athens look like a makeshift gallery and include harrowing portraits that capture distressed citizens, as well as written messages and slogans that spark questions and dialogue such as “What’s next???", “Free Greece from the Europe Prison” and “I need job, not speech.”

Take a look at some of Athens' stunning murals below:

Graffiti in Athens

A version of this article originally appeared on HuffPost Greece. It has been translated and adapted for an English-speaking audience.