09/28/2015 04:13 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Is Ghosting The New Social Media Way Of Breaking Up?

Are humans truly meant to be together for life? Or are people always going to be tempted by outside desires, no matter the circumstances? We had psychotherapist and relationship specialist Lisa Brateman on the show to talk with us about the state of monogamy, obstacles to commitment in the modern age, and how we can work through issues of loyalty in our own relationships.

Ghosting? What the heck is that?

Ghosting, by its 21st century definition, is the ending of a romantic relationship by abruptly cutting off all contact with the former partner, not responding to any attempt from the former partner to reach out. And while the haunting term may seem newfangled, Lisa insists the tactic isn't. "Ghosting has been around since the beginning of dating," Lisa says, admitting that it used to be called "going out for a pack of cigarettes and not coming back!"

But she also admits that the habit has "increased", in part due to the impersonal nature of social media. With our many outlets for "superficial" interaction, not following through with a parting can seem like the easiest thing to do. If someone, for example, says they wanted to call, and then didn't end up calling, the person may just feel like "oh well, there's 400 other people I could talk to this instant."

As easy as it may seem, Lisa insists that ghosting is ultimately not right in any circumstance. Whether it's breaking up by post-it, or going so far as to fake your own death, ghosting is just "a cowardly way to say no."

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