09/28/2015 05:14 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Is It Cheating When You Tell Your Co-Worker More Than Your Spouse?

Are humans truly meant to be together for life? Or are people always going to be tempted by outside desires, no matter the circumstances? We had psychotherapist and relationship specialist Lisa Brateman on the show to talk with us about the state of monogamy, obstacles to commitment in the modern age, and how we can work through issues of loyalty in our own relationships.

"Office Husbands" and "Office Wives"
Our work lives are all-consuming, as many of us spend more time at the office each week than we do with our significant others. And while developing office relationships is important, we may find a certain comfort in opening up to office mates - at the expense of our relationships back home. "If a co-worker knows more about what's going on in your life than your spouse does, there's a problem," warns Lisa. Rushing to work to tell your "office friend" something that you wouldn't tell your spouse is a sign you may be developing an "emotional intimacy", which is already "slippery slope". While not cheating in its own right, it an early form of "infatuation", and a clear sign that the balance of communication in your relationships needs to be corrected.

Balancing work and home
"Secrecy closes doors," Lisa says, and remains the main communication problem in relationships. If you're telling your "office husband" something you wouldn't tell your husband, correct it - by simply sharing the information with your husband! Regardless of how they react, the communication is the first step to making things right. If not, your dependency on the office mate will become a dangerous crutch,

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