09/28/2015 11:12 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Mondays With Marlo - Is Monogamy Dead? With Relationship Specialist Lisa Brateman

Does monogamy work? It’s a question that has haunted men and women in relationships for centuries, and even today the answers seem less than clear. Are humans truly meant to be together for life? Or are people always going to be tempted by outside desires, no matter the circumstances? We had psychotherapist and relationship specialist Lisa Brateman on the show to talk with us about this eternal dilemma, and her expertise was so helpful. It was wonderful to hear her thoughts on the state of monogamy, the obstacles to commitment in the modern age (including dating apps or, and how we can work through issues of loyalty in our own relationships.

Watch the full interview above, or skip ahead to the clips below!

Is it natural to be monogamous?
Why do married men turn to dating websites for excitement?
Does social media lead to disloyalty?
How to handle the "blame-game" after a betrayal
Is "ghosting" the new way to break up?
Is it cheating to tell your co-worker more than you tell your spouse?
One great tip to help prevent infidelity in your marriage

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