09/04/2012 04:20 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

HerHighway: Empowering Women Through Social Media

The road to empowerment is often filled with obstacles and challenges: the projects that consume us; the ambitions that inspire us; and, the achievements that propel us. HerHighway knows this road very well. Created to elevate the lives of women, it is helping pave the way for a new generation of action-oriented leaders.

During Social Media Week, HerHighway will launch an ambitious, ten day cross-country roadtrip with some of today's most celebrated bloggers and online influencers. The goal is to bring greater awareness to the issue of breast cancer, and the millions of lives impacted by it.

No matter what road women are walking on, HerHighway has committed itself to being a champion for their advancement, and for the aspirations that will continue to animate and excite women beyond the boundaries of this millenium.

I interviewed HerHighway's dynamic Christina Selter about the upcoming roadtrip, which promises to be one of 2012's most inspiring, social good projects.

Christina Selter. Photo Courtesy of HerHighway

How are you using this campaign to educate and empower others?

Empowering women with knowledge is HerHighway's mission plus everything along the way. "Drive Breast Cancer Awareness" helps to bring important life saving information to all women. The event is women joining forces to make the drive to help other women~together we can do anything even help bring awareness.

Empowering women with automotive knowledge helps us make better decisions in purchases. Women make more then 83% of the consumer goods buying decisions that includes cars. However, most of us we talk with have struggles with automotive know-how. It's about recognizing your POWER and not just power under the hood, so to speak. But in our minds, building confidence. My goal is to mentor as many women as possible. And we can do that because of the wonderful partners, brands and services on this campaign. We can broaden our understanding of everything along the way.

How has social media changed and/or elevated your initiative?

Social media is being used to elevate the mission and knowledge available for women, well everyone. Women like to talk and are very passionate about things they believe in. When we ban together and help one another it shows. The wonderful social media advisors we have met and teamed up with are amazing smart talented women. They help HerHighway understand and grow with social media, and we in turn help them understand and grow their knowledge about vehicles. In an all women environment, automotive aspects are extremely different than when men are in attendance. We ask more questions and learn more, and are less likely to take a backseat when it's all women.

Map of HerHighway's Social Media Week Road Trip for Breast Cancer Awareness. Courtesy of HerHighway

Talk a bit about the role of women in the social space both, challenges and opportunities.

We are actually learning so much from social media advisers like Ann Tran. Women's role in the social space is so important as they are making the buying decision for all consumer goods more then 80% nationally, and according to a female executive from Nissan, more then 60% internationally for all products, services. Everyone can use more social media women to help. Social media is a fast, efficient way to get a message out, and if you have a great message then viral it goes. What better way to have that happen than through women.

This cross-country trip is awesome. What's next for you?

This is our largest event of the year, however we already have four more planned for 2013 and looking forward to all of them and the women that we will meet along the way. Our goal is to drive knowledge!

For more information on HerHighway and Christina Selter, visit their website and follow them on Twitter.