02/07/2013 05:28 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

The Visionary Leadership of Edgar 'Shoboy' Sotelo

For centuries, we have witnessed the birth of movements, and dramatic shifts in public opinion -- sparked by the brave actions of those who would go on to secure a place at the heart of the global imagination.

Visionaries, world-changers, and trailblazers like suffragist Jeanette Rankin, who, in 1916, became the first woman ever elected to Congress; Feicitas and Gozalo Mendez, whose 1946 case, Mendez v Westminster, helped provide the legal framework for the more well-known Brown v Topeka decision; and, Carol Shaw and Carla Meninsky, tech legends who also happen to be the first two female video game designers.

The list of difference-makers is long. Always has been. Some names will become recognizable, the vast majority will not. This is why we find ourselves rooting for someone unknown to the masses, whose story inspires and captivates, and speaks to our sense of humanity. Someone like Edgar "Shoboy" Sotelo. A popular radio personality and community volunteer, his brand of inspiration and involvement is gaining fans and appreciation beyond the city limits of his beloved Dallas.

The old saying "even if we're congratulated by what we say, we will be long remembered by what we do" certainly applies here. Sotelo's actions speak volumes about his commitment to creating educational opportunities and strengthening the family connection. Recently honored as the MillerCoors Líder of the Year for his great work, Sotelo connected with us for a discussion on the essence of leadership, as well as his future plans.

Photo Courtesy of Edgar "Shoboy" Sotelo

MillerCoors honors leaders with this award. How would you define leadership, and how important is it in this great and beautifully diverse world?

Leadership is defined by putting others before yourself, and yearns to empower those around him or her to reach their full potential. Leadership is important to help create a vision and propel the team to reach new heights by challenging them to stretch beyond their current capacity.

How will this award transform and enhance what you're already doing?

This award will help provide the much needed financial support that will help us empower our true leaders: our parents. A parent's role is critical to student success, for they serve as our first leader, teacher and friend yet they are the most under-served segment of our communities as it relates to student success. Therefore, with the help of MillerCoors, we are going develop our parents, so that they symbolically graduate, alongside of their students. We hope to accomplish this by developing them as leaders, through a series of workshops that addresses the dire needs of parenting.

What are some of the challenges you would like to tackle moving forward, something that is not currently on your plate?

Build our Mega Beca Scholarship recipients, to become great servant leaders by instilling in them life skills and service to others.

How do you feel that your message of "no me agüito" ("can't bring me down") is resonating with the community?

It is my hope to use the platform that I have been given through my morning radio show on Mega 107.5 in Dallas, Texas, to inject hope, joy and love to people who may be going through a challenging situation. The phrase "No me agüito" is a fun tool of resilience used to create a shift in perspective from victim to victorious.

For more information on Edward Sotelo and his upcoming projects, connect with him through his Facebook page.