03/31/2016 05:24 pm ET Updated Apr 01, 2017

The World Of Trump And Terror Is Overflowing With Hatred And Repression

Carl Court via Getty Images

The madness continues. Those who preach hatred, extremism and hostility towards Arabs and Muslims living in the West are rising in the ranks. Simultaneously, rights and freedoms everywhere are diminished in the name of protection against further bloodshed, murder and carnage.

We find ourselves in a world haunted by the crimes of terrorist groups across its hotbeds: from Ankara to Sinai to Brussels, as well as Kuwait City, Beirut, Istanbul, Paris and San Bernardino before them.

The media is bombarded with bombs, explosions, suicide bombers, corpses, wounded bodies, blood and destruction, as the Daesh gang claims responsibility. These have become the realities of our daily lives -- surrounding us and spreading fear, sorrow and anxiety.

When the Brussels bombings took place, friends of mine -- some working for the Europe Union and others doing research for international agencies -- were heading to work as usual on the metro, when an explosion killed around 20 people. When others were killed due to the explosions at Brussels Airport, my sons, Loay and Noah were in between European airports that weren't as well-secured as the one in the capital of Belgium and the European Union. We are no longer safe from the crimes of terrorist gangs, whether in Arab countries and the Middle East region or "far away" in Europe and the United States. There is no difference between Ankara and San Bernardino.

We find ourselves in a world where the voices of those who preach hatred are heard the loudest.

We find ourselves in a world where the voices of those who preach hatred are heard the loudest. They take advantage of people's fear to spread their ideas and despicable agendas. With every Daesh attack, Donald Trump inches closer and closer to clinching the nomination of the Republican Party for the U.S. presidential elections, and maybe even to claiming the presidency itself.

With every explosion, right-wing parties and racist movements in Europe gain more electoral success, using hostility towards Arabs and Muslims to rally public support.

With every explosion in Ankara and Sinai, rights and freedoms are compromised. Governments gain a license to attack those who demand that the rule of law be respected. This is not surprising: the daily images of death and destruction traumatize us, and a discourse of fear dominates public space. Reports of "increasing numbers of terrorists in our backyards" (Syria for Turkey, and Libya for Egypt) are frequent.

I still write with hope for a better tomorrow. I seek to spread ideas that could contribute to creating a world that is more humane.

Still, I am pessimistic in the face of people who hate life and hate the other. I would not be surprised if the madness continued to unfold: Trump could prevent Muslims from coming to the United States, fascist parties could win once again in Germany, and rights could continue to be compromised in Egypt, Turkey, among other countries, and Daesh could continue to feed on bloodshed, brutality, and destruction.

This post first appeared on HuffPost Arabi. It has been translated into English and edited for clarity.