12/06/2013 11:36 am ET Updated 6 days ago

A Drawing A Day For One Year: метаморфоза Week 7

This is Week 7 of my daily drawing series, метаморфоза (Metamorphosis.) I hope you enjoy it.

метаморфоза is a daily drawing project, a visual trajectory, generated through free association. Its themes, as they emerge, can be continually abstracted through a metamorphosis, just as the prefix "meta" indicates a concept which is an abstraction of another concept. Or something that is self-referential, as this work often is of art history. I plan to then use the series as a resource or visual language that can then be further abstracted into a selection of larger and more finalized works.

Join me here as I post every Friday the results of the previous week. You can also see an archive of all the images leading up to today's post, follow: tumblr, facebook, or instagram.


метаморфоза 39


метаморфоза 40


метаморфоза 41


метаморфоза 42


метаморфоза 43


метаморфоза 44


метаморфоза 45

I am super excited for next week's art salon at the studio, hosted by Gertrude. There are just a few spots left if anyone is interested. Learn more about it here.

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