03/26/2012 02:33 pm ET Updated May 27, 2012

The 5 Most Audacious Burgers In North America

by Mr. Lew, Burger Expert for the Menuism Burger Blog

Let's face it, you can get a burger nearly anywhere you go. And while a lot of those burgers are the same, a few stand out. I've chosen five burgers that are audaciously outside the box, and intriguing enough to try if you dare.

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Audacious Burgers

The 5 Most Audacious Burgers in North America originally published on the Menuism Burger Blog

Mr. Lew is a high school teacher from Montreal, Quebec. In 2009, after trying Montreal's supposed best burger, he decided to see what else was out there. So, every week, a new burger was added to the Great Burger Search. Since then, Mr. Lew has tried more than 100 burgers in cities across Canada, and hopes to one day expand to the rest of North America. Since Mr. Lew is part Chinese, the search isn't limited only to great burgers, but to other types of cuisine that makes Montreal one of the greatest culinary cities in the world.