12/02/2014 07:15 pm ET Updated Feb 01, 2015

It's Raining in LA, Everyone Freak Out

In case you haven't heard, it's raining in Los Angeles. On the East Coast, the only thing that changes when it rains is what time people show up at the bar. In Los Angeles, it means something much different. People lose their shit.

Traffic is miserable in this city every day, but adding a few drops of water also adds at least thirty minutes to your commute. Even when you're driving ten miles. Not only the traffic significantly worse, the driving is also unbelievably terrible.

It is still sixty degrees outside, but everyone is dressed in their warmest (designer) clothes, with the brand new rain boots that were purchased "in case it rains this year", a designer umbrella, scarves, hats, mittens and an extra pair of socks. And it's typically in all black, like we're mourning over the rain.

As soon as word gets out that it is going to rain, the entire city stocks up on groceries as though the world is ending. It's busier than Thanksgiving Day. Even better, the line at the liquor store is out the door.

When it rains, Angelenos all of the sudden have an enormous interest in cliché "indoor winter activities" because rain is clearly associated with winter when you're used to sunshine all of the time. Sitting on the couch in sweats and watching Holiday movies, drinking hot chocolate with marshmallows, baking cookies; things that they've likely actually never done.

No one wants to work, we all talk about not wanting to work and most people don't work. Offices are shut down, more people call in 'sick', delivery services take twice as long to arrive (that could also be due to traffic in the rain), and some delivery services even stop running for the day.

Despite the fact that Los Angeles is currently drought-stricken, it is imperative that we complain about how terrible the rain is. Online, at the store, on the phone; basically to anyone who will listen.

The best part of the rain in LA is that it lasts less than a week, and by this weekend, it will be seventy and sunny once again. Until then, stay dry, LA.