05/30/2014 02:55 pm ET Updated Jul 27, 2014

Searching for an Answer: What I Believe

This weekend, something really shitty happened in Santa Barbara, when a man who reportedly was seeking a vengeance on women who had "starved him of sex" killed several innocent victims. This tragedy inspired a Twitter hashtag #YesAllWomen where users tweeted their thoughts and feelings about the wellbeing and safety of women. I have steered clear of participating or commenting, as my feelings are rather personal and the Internet can be a harsh place to share them. As I have been internalizing these feelings, reading other stories from women, and following the hashtag closely, I have also sought solace in SoulCycle, as I often do.

For those of you who have not taken a SoulCycle class, the second to the last song of the ride is typically used for the instructor to share words of peace, love, encouragement and support to the students in the room. Each instructor shares mantras of inspiration with a goal of ensuring riders leave the class feeling motivated and empowered. In tonight's class, Lindsay told the room that to in order to overcome obstacles, and lead a life of purpose, we each need to find something we believe in. She went on to say "I believe my family is my saving grace. I believe that frozen yogurt has magical powers. I believe my husband is the best man on this earth. I believe that a little sunshine can cure anything. What do you believe in? What keeps you going?"

This was exactly the mantra I was looking for. It is how I am now able to navigate my feelings about such a heavy topic. In a world where people aren't always kind and oftentimes ugly to one another, I, too need to believe that there is goodness, and love, and gratitude, and I encourage all women, and men, to do the same.

I believe:

1. I believe that treating others how you want to be treated is truly the only way to live.
2. I believe that forgiveness is powerful and necessary.
3. I believe in handwritten notes and phone calls over text messages and emails.
4. I believe that my parents are the best example of what love should be. Always.
5. I believe in gratitude.
6. I believe in giving back to those that are less fortunate.
7. I believe laughter is the best kind of medicine.
8. I believe in telling those you care about how much you care about them as often as you can.
9. I believe in the power of exercise. For me this is clearly SoulCycle, but there are many other forms to pursue.
10. I believe life is a journey you must take one day at a time. You will fall down, but you will always get back up.

Re-discovering the power of what I believe in has been hugely helpful in evaluating how I feel about the happenings this weekend and I hope others find the same grace. What do you believe in?