06/28/2015 09:45 am ET Updated Jun 28, 2016

Gentlemen, Build Your Kingdoms Now

Gentlemen, build your kingdoms now. Don't wait until it's too late. Begin.

Build your future as the king of your life and your family. A future surrounded by loved ones who want the best for you, enjoy your company, and turn to you for wise counsel. Build it for a future beyond this lifetime where all those you loved, serviced, and cared for mourn your memory, your spirit, your wisdom.

Build your kingdoms now.

David Goldberg built a kingdom. He loved his wife, his children. He showed people his heart. He mentored. He was generous with his riches. And he is mourned by hundreds.

How does one build a kingdom? First, by looking outward. A king has his people, his land, to guide and protect. A good king thinks of all else first before himself. A good king is benevolent and available. He rejoices in his family, children, spouse and friends. He's kind and fair to his neighbors. He shows up. He is building.

But while he's building, we see no tangible result. But an invisible and impenetrable fortress of self-respect and love for others is being carefully shaped. Within that fortress are self-imposed boundaries which he doesn't dare let himself cross because of the danger of endangering his kingdom.

His family lauds and loves him and he does the same in return. He turns his face toward God. He praises the God without and the God within. He allows his spiritual life to grow and expand. He is grateful for all that is possible with God.

He isn't selfish or miserly. He is the first to offer assistance before another can hold out his hat. He takes no pleasure in others' misfortunes. Only joy in others' successes and happiness. He speaks of joy and happiness. He is never envious, only encouraging.

He supports his partner in any way he or she needs. He offers kind words, loving advice, and fortification. He knows his partner must also find his or her purpose and, without that opportunity, his partner will wither and die inside. If his partner dies inside, his kingdom will be threatened. He cannot be king without his partner.

His partner is his guide, his equal. He looks to him or her for advice and counsel. He includes his partner in all his decisions. He makes his partner feel important. He makes his partner feel beautiful. He knows the value of this. He will do almost anything to ensure his partner is satisfied in their union.

Because, without his partner by his side, his kingdom crumbles.

Gentlemen, build your kingdoms now.

Build them out of love and selflessness. Build them by turning away from your darkest places. Build them by living out loud in the light. Build them by sacrificing for those you love. Build them so that those you leave behind will say, "He was a king. A man among men."

Build your kingdoms while your sons and daughters are still young enough to learn. Show them the way through your gentle teachings and actions. Turn their faces toward the God without and within. Demonstrate for them the value of putting others first.

Build your kingdoms with hard work, honesty and fidelity. Build them even when you're tempted astray. Admit when you've wronged others and make amends. Forgive others in kind. Build your kingdoms and you will not be alone.

Build your kingdoms on a foundation of kindness. Build your kingdoms without physical force but with gentle negotiation. Build your kingdoms when you look into your children's eyes because what you see there is as deep as any ocean basin waiting to be filled by your guidance and example.

Kingdoms are built brick by brick. Each brick a permanent marker of one of your good and virtuous teachings, one of your acts of kindness, another moment of love you bestowed upon your family and friends.

Kings are not perfect. But good kings strive for order, for peace, for success. Your home, your family is your kingdom. Water it, nurture it, grow it and you will reap the rewards tenfold.

Gentlemen, start building your kingdoms now. Do not wait. Your children won't wait to grow, your spouses won't wait to be loved, your employees won't wait to be paid fair wages. If all of those who support you turn their backs, your kingdom -- and all of its potential -- will be lost forever.

Build your kingdoms now. Brick by brick.