04/16/2013 06:04 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Alia Penner's Backdrop for Father John Misty's Coachella Performance

Alia Penner created this twenty-foot-wide backdrop for Father John Misty's Coachella show this year. There's a lot going on here -- kind of like a mashup of John Ford movies, Monty Python and the Care Bears -- the perfect visual alchemy for this year's circus in the Bermuda Triangle of post-industrial America that happens to be our Southwest home and the site of Desert Gold.

The Father utilized it to his advantage on Sunday, mixing humor and music with wisecracks about Coachella commercialism and singing holograms. We asked Alia if she could share some of her creative process with us and she sent us a preliminary sketch and some details we'll share with you. (Thanks Alia). As you can see, it borders on the the ridiculous, NSFW and forebodingly precarious, like life in these here times. If you're riding the wave out to our neck of the desert, we'll be here till the naked ladies pull the plug on the rainbow.