10/04/2010 10:29 pm ET Updated May 25, 2011

Don't Do It, California

Please California, don't elect Meg Whitman as our Governor.

For real. Don't do it.

I have children that live here in this state and I don't think we can stand another "tough yet fair" Republican corporatist who could give a shit about the bottom 90 percent.

Pete Wilson deregulated energy as a pay out to Enron and we blamed Gray Davis.

Arnold Schwartzeneger cut teacher's salaries and parks and libraries rather than raise taxes for the many California millionaires and billionaires.

And now we have a former CEO who wants to run the state like a big corporation.
Has anyone taken a look at corporations lately?

Besides, we live in a state. We can't get an offshore PO Box to avoid taxes. We can't hire people in China and India to work at the DMV answering phones. We can't sit on the boards of other states to create insider honey deals.

I know it's tempting and easy because Whitman has ads everywhere (there's probably one on this page).

Cause she's crazy insane rich. So she buys a lot of ads.

Everyone is saying "We need a change!"

This isn't a change. It's punching the accelerator while we're stuck in mud and flooding the engine.

Why don't we try voting out everyone from the party that screwed this country up for the past thirty years?

We haven't tried that yet.

Kentucky, Mississippi, Texas, are you listening?

It's been two years since Obama came in and he's been blocked at every turn.

Has anyone seen what they've been blocking?

It's amazing. Made in America provision of stimulus. Cutting 48 billion dollar subsidies for oil companies.

There's dozens of examples. But I decided to write this blog as a series of one line thoughts. To list them would wreck the flow.

So Google them.

It's our country. It's worth the five minutes.

At least people in California seem to get that Carley Fiorino is a disaster.

But it still drives me crazy anyone would consider voting for a person who shipped thousand of jobs overseas.

Barbara Boxer is one of a few Senators who actually kicks ass for the people and not corps.

Back to Whitman.

I don't love Jerry Brown, you may be saying.

Well I don't love prune juice, but I sure as hell will drink it over anti-freeze.

Brown is a lifelong public servant who actually gives a shit.

Whitman has never held office and could have just as easily collected cars as run for Governor.

And we've also got to get all those creeps out of the state legislature.

We have one of the most corrupt in the country.

Tons of lobbyists and lobbying money.

Screw right wing, left wing.

Who's getting paid?

100 percent of the Republicans are in the bag.

50 to 60 percent of the Dems.

Let's get rid of Repubs and then weed out the Dems.

Don't do it, California.

Don't vote for Whitman.

But definitely vote.

At the least do that.

It's all we've got.

And if we can't get the whole country on track let's at least make sure California, our home state, doesn't suck.