02/28/2014 06:14 pm ET Updated Apr 30, 2014

Noise Pop Day 2: The Fresh & the Only's Brief Review and Photos

Day two of Noise Pop for me was very much a throwback to the heavy garage rock scene that I was once quite fond of. The Fresh & Onlys were originally formed in San Francisco back in 2008.

Four different bands took the stage on Wednesday night and if you wanted a long night of rock this was definitely the show where you'll get your best bang for your buck. The Fresh & The Only's waited until about 11:30 to go on stage and by that time only the committed were left. The crowd danced harder than anyone I've seen in recent San Francisco live music history. Everyone was alive and the band was feeling it. The band even had a brief interaction with the crowd prior to the show talking about the "circle of trust" that they were hoping to create with the crowd.

We are two days into Noise Pop now. I've been impressed with the number of acts this year and their range of hip hop, indie, and heavy garage rock. This is the festival's 22nd year and I was hoping that this year would feel a bit more unified in events, but as of now they feel like 30 different shows that just so happened to land in the same week. Noise Pop does a splendid job of not only bringing awareness to bands that work so hard to perform, but also celebrating the bands that haven't bolted from the Bay Area to other thriving music cities.

Check out photos from Day 2 of Noise Pop!

Noise Pop Day 2: Brick and Mortar