08/31/2012 03:41 pm ET Updated Oct 31, 2012

Investing in Our Youth for a Prosperous America

If you want to create a prosperous America, you have to invest in the youth. It isn't very difficult to see what happens when we abandon our youth without providing them the access and opportunity to become educated and future leaders. Why does the idea of REAL investment in education, technology and health seem like such an INSANE idea? When you look at statistics of drop-out rates, the increase in poverty and homelessness, the cutting of music and art programs, the cutting of social and health services, and all the other problems facing our youth, it becomes very easy to "sit in the audience" than to "star in the movie."

The good news is that there are big changes happening. Even with our failing systems, there are those unique groups and individuals who are taking the lead without waiting, without hoping -- they are DOING. Teacher Enrique Legaspi, musician and philanthropist, and the non-profit, COLLEGE TRACK, are leading the charge for inspiring a movement not only with words, but with REAL action. We at Change For Balance are extremely excited to be partnered with these innovators on a new documentary project, i. am Boyle Heights.

Our work with Enrique and the students at i. am COLLEGE TRACK has not only empowered and inspired us, it has evolved to a bigger partnership than we could have imagined. Change For Balance will be teaching the "Future Filmmakers Club" to the i. am COLLEGE TRACK class of 2016. Our intention with this club is simple:

• Provide the tools and mentorship for the youth of Boyle Heights to become experts in 21st Century indie-filmmaking and video production.
• Provide students with media mentorship surrounding the power and influence of media in today's tech-age.
• Provide students with the 21st century tools to tell their stories and the stories of their community.
• Inspire students to continue on their path of "dreaming BIG."

To watch the teaser trailer for the feature documentary, "i. am Boyle Heights" click here.

Like the official Facebook Movie page here, see production stills from our journey thus far, and follow the movement.