11/25/2014 11:03 am ET Updated Jan 24, 2015

We Are Not There, Yet!

History is repeating itself. Whatever happens now has already occurred in different spaces, times, and to different peoples. I liken the experiences of black people in America to that of the Israelites. The journey of forty days to the Promised Land became forty years for them. They wandered the wilderness for FORTY YEARS! This is happening to us today. We are wandering the wilderness called America. Most of us are socially and spiritually unconscious. It is time to wake up and shine our faces to what is going on. In the midst of racist and prejudiced commotion, countless young black people are dying. We are being targeted and literally put to death. We cease to exist by accident, on purpose, or for no purpose. Then our perpetrators are allowed to roam nonchalantly in the land of the free.

I dislike bastardizing America. It is very impossible, however, to believe the American system is for us when it was built against us and continues to functions against us even after it made promises to us! What happened to our promises? Constitution? 13th, 14th, 15th amendments? "We want America to be good as it can be by listening to its own promises" said Marc Lamont Hill during his lecture at Emmanuel College.

As far as that Promised Land that we are entitled to, we are not there yet!

"Is my diction too strong?
Well, don't focus on my rhetoric,
Worry about what's really going on." - (unfinished poem)

Peace, Love

The Black Students