03/19/2015 09:00 am ET Updated May 19, 2015

The Art of Being Alive Series: How Can We Feel Alive Every Day?

My whole quest seems to be about exploring the meaning of life.

I feel guilty not keeping up with the world from the screen of my television set because it is not hooked to any thing that can transmit images and give me tales of what the latest epidemic is going with the world. I find it ironic that I want to be a prominent voice of change in this generation that most people my age now refer to as the millennial generation but at the same time, this voice of change is not locked up in traditional news dispenser, not like I am unaware of the reality and state of devastation that majority of the world is experiencing, in fact I am very aware, which is why I have not had a television hooked up in three years. I keep up from time to time with what I deem useful to know, at least I am not washed by the degree of mindless television viewing that seems to be eating up the minds of our young generation.

I have better dilemmas to battle with than to stir up any debates about what we feed our minds with, even though I'll admit I'm not a total hermit or in total seclusion as I still keep up with programming that I jive with through my Apple device. The dilemma I face is about life and the vastness of this life; so much going on, so much to experience, so much to feel, so much to be, so much to know, so much to ask, so much to do, so much and so much!

I wonder how I fit into this world and what my role is or supposed to be; I find myself wanting to be everywhere experiencing everything for what it is, I crave to experience those things we would awe to and name as wonder but yet I sit here in the conference room of my office during my lunch break sipping Milo tea mixed with Nido milk from a flowery tea cup I brought from home, writing this... I'm also listening to Sedated by Hozier on my Spotify and I'm here... just writing.

How Alive Is That?

That is my dilemma, I struggle to find my place in this world. The things we want for ourselves versus the place we truly are in our now; that distance between where we aspire to be and where we currently are. You see, the person who works the night shift because c'est la vie and has a dream of being something other than what he is right now, taking steps to get there but feeling almost drained because nothing truly seems to be working out. And here I am saying, are you feeling alive?

There is just that disconnect for many of us who aspire and desire and are working towards what we want, we carry on our foreheads a sign that says "work in progress," so we know that there are days where we feel worn out and are truly exhausted of trying and we feel like we are dying. We are dying creatively because we feel stuck...

Who's in on this Feel Alive Movement!?

What experiences are we consciously creating to feel more alive!?

How can we start, from today a midst of our usual routines, to start creating more alive experiences for ourselves!?

What tips can you share as to ways by which we can begin living a full, vibrant life?

Let's have a conversation...

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Here's a few of the responses I got: Hey lady! Thanks for tagging me!

Q1: SO IN. Ready to feel alive all day every day.

Q2: I am consciously creating a life that is filled with joy, love, and abundance. A lot of this is just through relationships and interactions. I love getting out and meeting more people. I love putting smiles on people's faces by making jokes, complimenting them, or bringing them back to their heart.

Q3: I think we start by being more present, by being aware of what's really going on. Because in that space, we start to FEEL alive. We notice our heartbeat. We drop into that space of knowing that everything is going to be OK. We can experience the depths of love and profound gratitude. But it all starts with coming back to NOW, whether that's by taking a deep breath or focusing on a sensation or sound.

Q4: Get in touch with your wants. What would you love to create in this world? What inspires you, motivates you, and drives you? What do you absolutely LOVE to do? Go after those things. Go after the good feelings. I will push through incredible obstacles and sometimes boring shit because I know that I will feel AMAZING because of it (case in point: personally inviting over 600 people to my friend's surprise party. All by private message on Facebook. Took two hours. Not the highlight of my life. But the look on my friend's face when he showed up? WORTH EVERY SECOND). Those are the moments I live for -- and they don't have to be big.

Hope this helps! Thanks for asking!
Rebecca Mckown: Living through ease. If we allow ourselves to step back and let the flow of life move us, we are able to move with ease and grace. Fighting the current of life is just that... a fight. When you feel your mind or body resist realize that you are going against the current. Instead turn yourself around and let the current take you on a journey of peace, love and ease. Life is meant to be easy and glorious. Let it be.
Jeremy Goldberg: I feel most alive when I'm living in the moment, when I'm free from worry or regret, doing things I love and following my bliss. I think we can experience more of these moments by diligently practicing bravery, prioritizing ourselves and our spirits, a...

What do you do to feel alive every day?