04/19/2012 06:41 pm ET Updated Jun 19, 2012

Making Those Last Few Weeks at College Count

Graduation is just around the corner. Here are some gratifying things to take advantage of before you don your cap and gown.

1. Reach out to the professors, advisors, deans, and club sponsors who have made an impact on you over the last few years and thank them. Tell them what you will remember about them and why -- how they motivated you and opened doors for you. Take this time to ask if they'd be willing to write letters of recommendation for you if you haven't done that already. Exchange contact information so that you can be in touch in the future.

2. Visit the career center -- a resource that is right in front of you -- for leads on jobs and internships, and assistance with interview skills and resume writing. They may even offer last minute workshops on how to best catapult your career.

3. Use peers and advisors to help you create a better resume and cover letter, and to help rehearse your interview skills. Take advantage of the accessibility of these guides before you leave campus.

4. Organize a group of close friends to touch base with weekly over the summer to encourage one another and hold each other accountable as you all begin the often-difficult task of job searching. Maintain these friendships so that they will continue to thrive even without the structure of classes and campus activities.

5. Join the alumni association so that you'll be able to take advantage of all it has to offer right away. You will find ways to meet successful alumni who are willing to talk to you at workshops, events, and even on the phone. And you'll be eligible to get group deals on everything from insurance to credit cards. Attending alumni events lets you continue to meet new people who in turn help you create opportunities.

6. Spend time with your dear friends in your favorite places and take photographs so that you can keep these memories alive. On the day of graduation, drink in the moment of this wonderful ceremony. Be present and take it all in with dignity. Let yourself be effected by the speeches and celebration and to be proud of this accomplishment.

7. Tell your family and others who have supported you how much you appreciate all that they have done to help you get this far. And say it like you mean it because they have made sacrifices to help you reach this goal. Gratitude is thanking someone for doing something for you, and recognizing how this gift will enhance and embolden your life.

Graduation literally means the end, and commencement literally means the beginning. Here's to the next chapter!

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