01/09/2012 10:47 am ET Updated Jun 14, 2012

When Your Boss Is The Same Age As Your Kid

So, you're no longer the young one on your team at work. Time speeds up so suddenly that after a decade or two, you find that you are working for or with others who are closer in age to your children than they are to you. And the longer you work, the more you will encounter working for younger managers. You can feel defensive and make others uncomfortable, or you can take some steps to make it easier on everyone, including yourself.

Take an inventory of your own appearance and consider changing an outdated style of dress or hair. You can't look 25 when you are over 50, but you can find a way to appear elegantly put-together. A little help from a personal shopper or hair stylist can go a long way.

Listen to your own give-away speak, such as "When I was your age... " and "I still like holding a real book and newspaper." While you don't have to mouth the lyrics to the newest song, you do have to pay some attention to current culture. Here are seven other ways to minimize the age-gap in the office:

7 Ways To Smooth Over The Age Gap At Work (Or How To Behave If Your Boss Is Your Kid's Age)

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