10/24/2014 07:23 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Costume Advice Anyone?

retales botijero via Getty Images

Right around the age of 6 it seems that Halloween costumes make the not so gentle transition from super cute to super slutty. I mean, one minute my kid's wearing this:
*This is not my kid but you get the point.
...and the next minute she's begging for this:

Available in sizes 6x to adult.
Um. Really? NOT. Over my dead body are you wearing that.

Come to think of it, I think this one still fits:

If I cut two holes in the bottom you can totally still wear this. So what if you're 10? It's retro!

Not to sound like an old fart, but what happened to making your own Halloween costumes? You know, getting all cute with a few friends and wrapping poster board in various colors to become a box of Crayola crayons or a six pack of Coca Cola? Where's the imagination? Where's the creativity? Where's the $5 Halloween costume instead of the $30 one??!! And while we're at it? What is this?


I've never heard of a Candy Corn Witch.
I'm not buying it (literally and figuratively). Show me the script from the Broadway production of 'Candy Corn Witch' and I'll buy your $40 costume but until then, nope.

Man, I'm mean. I'm so mean I'm the wicked witch of the South with no costume. I'm going to make my kid make her own costume this year (unless I cave last minute, which is a possibility). But I'm trying to stick to my guns on this one. I mean, she could be one of the numerous role models for girls. Like maybe cute little Lindsay Lohan:

Oooh, maybe not.
Okay, what about Hannah Montana? She's still in, isn't she?

Cut your hair like this and you're out.
WRONG. Hmmm...the Candy Corn witch costume isn't look so bad right now. Neither is this:


Complete with fishnet tights to give your eight-year-old that authentic "Ho" look!
Maybe I'll just spend the $40.


Now here's something we can all agree on. Snacks. We made these Halloween Cake Eyeballs as a trial and they came out great. Used a pumpkin for display and the whole getup only cost $8. Now that's what I'm talking about! Cheap, not too slutty and homemade!

Scary Cake Eyeballs



1 box cake mix (any flavor)
1 container frosting (same flavor as cake mix)
2 tubes icing (red and blue gels)
1 package white chocolate chips
1/2 stick butter (for melting with chips)
mini chocolate chips (for center of eye)
wax paper
long sticks

Cook cake according to directions.
Cool completely.
Mix frosting with cake mix until all combined (this is really fun to do with little kids who want to get messy).
Make little balls from mixture.
Melt white chocolate chips with butter in double boiler or microwave for 30-40 second increments (repeat if using microwave).
Dunk balls into melted chocolate chips.
Add chocolate chip for eye center when still hot and then allow to cool on wax paper.
Spear balls with sticks and put into pumpkin.
Decorate with gels.