11/18/2014 04:58 pm ET Updated Jan 18, 2015

A Quirky and Slightly Frightening Novel You May Want to Pick up Before You Get Ready to Baste Your Thanksgiving Turkey

While S.W.A.K., a novel of ultimate betrayal is rather quirky, full of drama, and at times dark, you must exercise a slight sense of humor while reading some of the scenes, otherwise, it may leave you feeling frightened!

In the novel, there is a controlling mother, known as "Ma", who lives in a small New Jersey town and tends to lose her wits - on more than just one occasion! Ma's daughter, Lauren, who often falls victim to Ma's unstable behavior, suspects her mother is troubled, but still deeply wants to believe her mother loves her, so she invites herself home to celebrate the Thanksgiving holiday with her family, along with her new husband.

Ma suspects that her husband, Lauren's father, is once again cheating with another woman. As rats run wild on the picnic table outside, she insists this "other woman" stands responsible for the rat infestation in their home. Right around the Thanksgiving holiday, typically when Ma tends to go awry, the following dramatic scenes take place as she reluctantly prepares to host a Thanksgiving dinner at the Napolitano family home.

As we approach the Thanksgiving holiday, one of my favorite scenes from my novel, S.W.A.K., a novel of ultimate betrayal comes to mind!

"As Thanksgiving approached, Lauren knew she needed to spend time with her mother. In an effort to please everyone, Lauren asked Ma to start fresh and host Thanksgiving, which meant Ma would have to open her door to family. The thought made Ma woozy. Ma's reply was "okay, but opening up my house to a bunch of ninnies might kill me." Ma was to provide the turkey. She instructed her husband and Lauren's father, Lou, to bring the fresh twenty-pound bird home the afternoon of Thanksgiving Eve, and when he returned thirty minutes late, lugging the bird into the kitchen, Ma was mad.

"I suppose there was traffic," Ma said, her sarcasm polished sharp. "No, no traffic," Lou answered her." "Just a long line to get the turkey." "I suppose Lori was in the line too," she said. Lou hadn't heard Ma mention Lori in years and was bewildered by the question and the force behind it. "Lori wasn't there," he said. "Well, she's been here." "Lori was here?" Lou was confused and felt trouble brewing. "The rats. They're back. I saw them out on the picnic table," Ma told him. "They're back? "The damn things were crawling all over the table," Ma said, with her arms flailing to demonstrate the rodent activity. Up and down. This way and that. Under and over. "When I hollered at them, they just looked at me. Looked right in my eyes. They didn't run off." "You saw rats?" Lou asked.

"They'll be getting into the house in no time. What's everyone going to say about that? What's your son-in-law going to say about that when he comes for Thanksgiving dinner? "You saw rats?" Lou repeated. "You told me you took care of the rats," Ma accused. "I did," said Lou. "Then Lori must be at it again." Mas was shrill, her voice climbing to its highest pitch. "She's bringing rats into our home again. I blame you. I blame you. I blame you. You and your whore." Lou raised his hand to strike her and as his palm positioned to cross Ma's face, Lou clenched his fist instead and slumped to the floor. "I've told you," Lou cried. "I've told you." There is no girlfriend. There never was. Not Lori or anyone else."

"You've told me lies," Ma shouted as she stood over her deflated husband. "It's the truth," Lou said, but his brief moment of fire was stamped out and he lay lifeless on the kitchen tile. "Because of you the rats are back," Ma repeated as her left foot kicked Lou in the side. She withdrew the foot and then rushed it into her husband again. He flinched when the tip of her shoe jabbed his ribs, but he did not attempt to rise or protect himself. "Do something," Ma raged. Lou would not move.

Ma picked up the plastic-covered turkey and hurled it down onto Lou. When the big bird first struck Lou on the leg, he felt the moisture from the wrapping soak through his pants; he could see the giblets slide from the hollow cavity to a brown clump at the corner of the bag. Ma bent to the floor and retrieved the fallen bird. She struggled to raise it back to the counter and repositioned her feet to gain strength. She wrapped her arms around the heavy Thanksgiving ball until she was secure and then bludgeoned Lou again, this time aiming the turkey at his head, and then again on his arm. With the fourth and final turkey blow, the fowl hit Lou's boot, propelling the turkey to fly one last time and then land with a considerable plop at Lou's side. The impact forced the plastic wrap to break open - releasing the gizzard, heart, and liver, the watery blood spilling out in a puddle around the organs. The turkey, no longer Ma's weapon, lay dormant next to him."

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