01/18/2011 02:19 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Sephora Launches New "ClickR" Skin Care Line

Does the world need a skin care line? "Only if it really works," Florence Sender says in a sizzle video for the new Sephora line, ClickR.

If ClickR sounds to you like something that should be an iPad app rather than a skincare line you apply to your face, you're not alone. Florence, the line's creator, acknowledged the strangeness of the name. "I registered the name before anyone could tell me that it sucked, which they did."

Launched in the first days of 2011 in partnership with Sephora, the line is poised to be a competitor to the popular Proactiv acne-fighting line. ClickR targets the Facebook generation, addicted to clicking away at their computers. There are even products are reinvigorate computer-fatigued eyes.

The name isn't the only unlikely choice for the line. ClickR's spokesman, Cam Gigandet from the films Twilight and Burlesque, seems to know as much about skincare as Kim Kardashian knows about the Italian Renaissance or the Theory of Relativity. But let's not hold that against him.

The biggest different between Proactiv and ClickR is the active ingredient: Clickr uses Salcyclic Acid instead of Benzoyl Peroxide. Clickr also positions itself as a more natural product, boasting ingredients like diamond dust and flower extracts and product names like "pearl wash," "vanishing mist," and "diamond dust skin-polisher."

My skin has never been able to handle Salcylic Acid, so it's always best to talk to a dermatologist before starting any acne treatment. The line retails exclusively at Sephora and can be purchased through

Watch Cam talk about his skin care regime at the ClickR press conference below: