06/13/2014 04:16 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Best Father's Day Gift Ever? A Break From Being a Father


This gift is for those fathers who are currently in the thick of child rearing and father-dom. You know who you are... your off time is dedicated to making sure the kid(s) eat, get dressed, cleaned, get to bed, get to their soccer game, gymnastics, theater, football practice, etc. Not to mention cleaning up after them, homework, disciplining and, of course, making sure to teach them the life lessons that will help them grow up to be capable, confident, and independent adults. Oh wait, and let us not forget getting in some quality, fun and loving time with them as well.

(Insert Deep Breath Here)

Kid-free moments are invaluable. Most men would give up money and sex (maybe) for the occasional obligation-free day. And partners and children everywhere can help make that happen. Here are seven easy and inexpensive ways to do that:

1. Give him the whole day off. He gets to do whatever he wants. It is his day.

2. Give him straight up cash to blow anyway he wants. Along with the sweet cards praising him as a father, stick $20 in there to buy whatever he pleases. I don't care who you are, getting cash in an envelope is fantastic.

3. Make him a snack pack of his favorite things. Maybe it's whiskey, beef jerky,and salt-and-pepper kettle chips. Maybe it's Kombucha and dried seaweed. Whatever his poison is, put it together and hand it over Sunday morning.

4. Make it a food-making free day. Along with his snack pack, prepare him with the ability to feed himself while he is on his day off. Either stack the fridge or his lunch box with pre-made indulgence, or give him some additional cash to treat himself to his favorite sandwich or strawberry and kale salad.

5. Get him some eye candy. Whether its Playboy, Sports illustrated, Rolling Stone, The Economist, or People (hey you never know) -- get him the latest publication or, if you are feeling generous, a whole subscription. If a magazine is not his thing - get him a book you know he has been wanting to read.

6. Give him additional kid-free days. Get the calendar out and pick one day each month for him to guy off.

7. Give him some things to do on those days. Get him a couple Groupons for things to do on those days. You can get some pretty awesome deals that fit in any budget that will help his kid-free days be even more awesomer. There are things like golfing, movies, car racing, paddle boarding, jet skiing, yoga, painting, guitar lessons, etc. And if you have a bigger budget, you can give something really bad-ass like what I gave my husband last year: jet-packing!