03/18/2010 05:12 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

On Obama's Noble Peace Prize: Missed Peace Opportunities in the Mideast

There is no doubt that President Obama deserves the Noble Peace Prize. He has gained a great deal of popularity in and outside the U.S.. Would he decide to run for President elsewhere beyond the States, people would replace their old rulers with him in a heartbeat. But we should not delude ourselves that peace has been achieved and freedom is ringing everywhere especially in the Mideast. Afghanistan, Pakistan, Southern Lebanon, Gaza, Iraq, and perhaps Egypt, are hot spots due to failing economies and states.

Perhaps Obama's speech to the Islamic world contributed to his Peace Prize credentials. But have we won the hearts and minds of Arabs and Muslims right after that speech? Obama is popular in the Arab and Muslim countries. But they are waiting for help from him to end the oppression, corrupt regimes; failing economies, oligarchies, absolute monarchies, and the grave human rights abuses they live under. They appreciated the gesture of a speech. But not impressed by embracing their old dictators in Egypt and Saudi Arabia.

Schmoozing with aging elites in the Mideast for decades upset the masses. There is much cynicism in Arab and Muslim countries towards what they call press releases from Washington. They do not take us seriously anymore. They feel that all of these good words are just lip service, duplicity, double standards, not practicing what we preach. They are gasping for freedom and democracy, but frustrated that we call their old dictators our allies. They feel that the billions we send to ailing regimes, like Mubarak's in Cairo, has entrenched such detested regime oppressing them for decades. They are confused, angry, hopeless, but still looking towards the White House for help. Do not miss the call Mr. Obama.