05/06/2011 07:02 pm ET Updated Jul 06, 2011

Britain's Union Jack Losing Its Color

The bursting colors of the British flag, the Union Jack, were on full parade last week at the cinematic Royal Wedding. Britain seemed like one big happy masterpiece theater episode, united under the red, white and blue. But if you look at the blue part of the flag today -- that be the Scottish part -- it has dramatically faded. The color came out in the wash of Thursday's elections to the Scottish parliament. The Queen's flag was dealt an arm and hammer blow to the consensus that has kept Scotland and England in a political union since 1707. The Scottish National Party, a political party in favor of Scottish independence from the Queen's realm, won a majority of seats. William Wallace -- Braveheart -- is back for a sequel.

The Scots are tiring of playing the supporting actor in this melodramatic act of union. The political script penned in London -- dominated by Conservative English toffs like Prime Minister David Cameron and his plum voice -- does not sound good in the Scottish political theater. Just like in the movies, the leading man should be more attractive. The Scots are looking in the mirror, straightening their kilts, now seemingly willing to rip up the tired old script of Rule Britannia.

The new Scottish government will now hold a referendum in the next few years asking the Scottish people if they wish to step forward into the spotlight and be an independent nation again. If they say yes, the final credits will roll over the last episode of the United Kingdom. The Union Jack will be no more. The revelers at the next Royal Wedding -- when Prince Harry marries Kate Middleton's sister -- will have to find a new flag to wave.

Scottish leading men in the movies are few. The most successful is Sean Connery. He will be leading the whisky toasts to the new political map in Scotland. Big Sean has been a supporter of Scottish independence since he delivered morning milk to homes as a poor schoolboy in Edinburgh. The I Love Scotland tattoo on his arm proves his mettle. Soon, 007 may no longer have a British passport. Cue God Save the Queen for the last time. Remember to lock the door on the Empire on the way out, 007.