Rape as Terrorism

A group of Palestinian terrorists claiming to act in retaliation against Israel have been raping young, teenage Israeli girls. They consider these rapes acts of terrorism and politically justified. Here is what one of the rapists said: "We are raping Jews because of what the Israel Defense Forces is doing to the Palestinians in the territories." According to press reports, none of the suspects "indicated that they felt remorse for their actions." They feel they are entirely justified as acts of political revenge. Talk about an "abuse excuse."

The gang of serial rapists, comprising at least six Palestinians, raped a thirteen year old girl, a sixteen year old girl, a nineteen year old woman, and several others. The victims have reported that the rapists have stated that the rapes are acts of terrorism and done in revenge for Israel's military actions.

This is not the first time Palestinian terrorists have used rape as a tool in their terrorist campaign against Israel. There have been reports of incidents in which Palestinian terrorists have raped Palestinian women and threatened to kill them in "honor killings" unless they agree to restore their family honor by becoming suicide terrorists.

When I speak on college campuses I often encounter women with signs declaring themselves to be radical feminists for Palestine or radical feminists against Israel.

I often wonder how any feminists can support one of the most sexist regimes in the world, namely the Hamas controlled Palestinian Authority, while opposing one of the most gender integrated regimes in the world, namely Israel, which has had a female Prime Minister, a female chief justice, a female foreign minister and leading female military officers. But for many of these groups, hatred of Israel trumps support for feminism, as it did when Amnesty International placed the primary blame for Palestinian rapes and honor killings on Israel. Another "abuse excuse."

And so I issue the following challenge to radical feminist opponents of Israel: renounce clearly the use of rape as a terrorist weapon, and while you're at it, renounce all terrorism directed against women, children, and innocent civilians. Just do it without falsely trying to create some moral equivalence between terrorists who rape children and democracies like Israel that try to prevent terrorism and occasionally and unintentionally kill the innocent. Let's hear it directly and unequivocally and let's hear it now. No more excuses!