03/31/2016 11:48 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Art of the Deal: The Plays That Propelled The Donald

What plays does Donald Trump run? In the beginning, his methods were moderate.

Below is a strategy signature of the budding billionaire's early deal-making ways -- a content analysis of influence plays from his 1987 book, Trump: The Art of the Deal. Taken together, they betray the preferences of the emerging real estate mogul.


Here's what I see in this strategy signature:

NO DEAL: More than any stratagem, Trump is most comfortable with the no-play play, the pass. He exits deals as quickly as he initiates them. Similarly, by way of the ping, he's fond of a wink and a nudge.

BIG PLAYBOOK: His playmaker's palette is broad, comprising 12 of 24 total strategies, from testing trial balloons to provocative peacocks. Such a range is the sign of an adaptable persuader, able to shift from offense to defense and back again.

IN YOUR FACE: The New Yorker's blunt style is evident in the top-line concentration of high-transparency plays. Trial Balloons, Labels, Lanterns, Fiats and Peacocks are all of the obvious sort. They seldom leave another player guessing as to their intent.

What do you see in this playmaker's picture? Has The Donald evolved? If so, how so?

Graphics courtesy of Playmaker Systems, LLC with content from Donald Trump's Facebook.