09/07/2013 08:10 am ET Updated Nov 07, 2013

We Have a Secret to Share. Shhh.

We have a secret to share. Shhh.

I started Gov20LA five years ago with a goal to open the dialog and discussion between governments and private groups and their constituents on how best to use and utilize tools like social media, mobility and the cloud. I succeeded in that and could not be more proud of what has been accomplished so far.

But, now is the time to grow this and scale it into something even more powerful, with a wider societal effect. We are coming up on our 5th year; and some of the themes include: identifying the enormous and constantly evolving opportunities at the intersection of government/tech including emergency response and mgmt, data privacy/security, and private/public partnerships -- and connecting these leaders together for dynamic conversations that influence the future.

Proudly, it is time to grow and scale this tremendous conversation we have started into something even deeper and that impacts even more people. I invited Gretchen Fox, to become the executive producer of Gov20LA and chart a course of major growth. I cannot be more excited to announce Gretchen's involvement; as she is someone who has tremendous experience with live events and success using social to scale a business like she did while VP of Social for Live Nation. She is a visionary producer and it is really thrilling to have her involved.

We first met about five years ago, on Twitter. How else in today's age?

We have watched each others careers and met up and when we combined our different skill sets, instantly had an enormous vision for Gov20LA as a platform for change.

This next event will mark the fifth year anniversary of an event that brings together the most important and innovative things happening at the intersection of government and technology.

We will be announcing the 5th Annual Gov 2.0 LA event information soon including dates. Here is the secret. Can you keep it?

This year, we will turn the live event into an intimate, invite only event so that we may give our powerful speakers more opportunities to connect with each other around the most important initiatives of our times. We will also bring our international streaming audience a more integrated and participatory experience on the web. And we can't wait!