05/03/2013 04:58 pm ET Updated Jul 03, 2013

Global Cooling? Russian Specter of New Cooling Period Alarms Alaskans.

Snow fell on the Anchorage Hillside again Thursday. The National Weather Service was forecasting up to an inch by the end of the day. And for Alaskans wishing for spring, the news just kept getting worse.

"May arrived and most of Alaska's rivers are still locked in ice," the dastardly federal agency reported on its Facebook page. "NWS staff and river observers collect ice thickness data around the first day of each month during the winter. However, except on the North Slope and northwest Alaska, ice is typically gone or unsafe for measurements by the start of May.

"Not so this remarkably backwards spring. Ice thickness and snow on the ice at nearly all measured locations in the central Interior was THICKER than at the start of April. "

Yes, that's right. At a time when Alaska should be starting into spring "breakup" -- when ice and snow give way to the midnight sun -- there isn't even a sign of it.

The ice on the Porcupine River, which joins the Yukon River about 145 miles northeast of the Interior city of Fairbanks, still has ice more than 6-feet thick. It's the state's ....

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