12/08/2011 11:50 am ET Updated Feb 07, 2012

An Addendum to My Flying Lesson

People posting here pose the question, "Why do I believe I need to be treated differently from other passengers?"

My answer is "I don't." So, why was everyone else on that flight using a phone and I was the only one hectored about that? Twice.

Sometimes one can be treated differently in a not-so-cuddly way. Take my word for it.

Three things I think are worth mentioning here. One is that American Airlines' "source", a Mr. Weiss, is a liar. I never talked on the phone. Two, American keeps changing their story. Hey, I get that they have to back their employee. But I never yelled at or used inappropriate language to ANYONE on that plane. American's need to dirty me up is pro forma, but transparent. And three, if American was so concerned about my behavior, why did they seat me on the next flight and fly me home to New York at 3PM?

Today, the New York Post features a cover story on me deactivating my Twitter account (social media being a tad less exciting to me just now). Really? The cover of the paper? About that?

Then again, this is the paper owned by that phone-tapping, sociopathic NewsCorp. The company that both British and US courts should immediately strip of all of their broadcast licenses and force them out of the news business.

The front page of a New York newspaper. Over something like that. The New York Post. The worst newspaper in the history of journalism. No doubt about that now.