Passing the War Buck

04/04/2007 07:09 pm ET Updated May 25, 2011

Watching McCain support Bush's Iraq policy so doggedly makes me think that the Republicans seek not only to hand the war issue over to Bush's successor, they seek to keep the war going in order to create problems for Hillary Clinton. After all, whether or not Americans will elect a woman as Commander-in-Chief during wartime is a potential issue for Clinton's campaign.

McCain, long an enemy of the Bush machine, has been taking direction
from that crowd as if his political life depended on it. Perhaps it
does. As Hillary, Obama and Edwards report strong numbers in their
fund-raising efforts, the co-author of McCain-Feingold, a man who once
stood for meaningful reform of campaign financing, looks like he will
say anything to tap the Bush-Cheney political ATM. McCain's defense of
the war, and his careful choice of language in order to leave some
wiggle room down the line, shows the GOP's longterm strategy at its

Hillary is the presumed nominee. She says the right things to
simultaneously strengthen and immunize herself as a top candidate. She
has lots of dough coming in. She has Bill, who is the only thing better
than lots of dough coming in. The GOP boardroom believes she is it. And
they keep the war going on and on with Hillary in mind.