Four Easy Ways to Update Your Living Room for 2014

To get a new look, it's not always necessary to complete a total room makeover, or even open a can of paint.
01/02/2014 03:39 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

It's a new year and you might like to refresh your interiors, make them look more polished and more personalized. To get a new look, it's not always necessary to complete a total room makeover, or even open a can of paint. Replacing one or two items you already have, or picking up a few new accessories can totally change the look of your space. Choose a unifying color scheme to tie your accessories together and make them work with what you currently own.

Define your Space with an Area Rug

Image: Living room with patterned area rug. Holly Moore.

Perhaps you already have an area rug, or maybe your floors are bare. But an area rug can completely update the look of your space and elevate the feel of your living room. Even if you have wall to wall carpeting, you can use a rug to help define your floor pan, add warmth, pattern and color.

Layer Pillows and Throws

Image: Sofa with colorful throw pillows, Interior Design Fair.

A quick trick to making your living room look more personalized and finished is adding a few additional throw pillows to your sofa. Having just two pillows on a large sofa looks like something is missing. Depending on the length of your couch, four or five throw pillows varying in texture, size, pattern, but with a common color scheme, will make your space looked more pulled together. Have some pillows that came with your sofa? They usually aren't the most chic options, but you can purchase new covers to heighten the style profile. Drape a textured throw to add even more depth, color and comfort.

Use Art to Create an Focal Wall

Image: Gallery wall, Paige Kelly.

If you have one or two framed pieces in your living room, why not use them to as the foundation for a gallery wall. Pick up a few more prints or photos, vintage mirrors or frames, found objects, and arrange them on one wall to create an artistic focal point. All of the different pieces serve as both a reflection of you and make your space feel current and on trend.

Get a New Coffee Table

Image: Perfectly fit coffee table, Betz Design Studio.

A small, but defining piece of furniture, like a coffee table, can significantly influence the look and feel of your living room. Be sure to choose a coffee table that adds balance to the space. If it's too clunky, it will steal the room's attention, and if it's too delicate, it looses its ability to help stylistically define your living room.

What are your quick tips on how to update your living room?