03/21/2014 01:38 pm ET Updated May 21, 2014

Three Trends That Will Be Ugly Tomorrow

Ever wonder how or why your grandmother chose such ugly things to furnish her home? I vividly remember the toilet seat at my grandma's house: solid acrylic with flowers, butterflies, and flecks of gold floating in the clear body. Proof that the mid-century wasn't always kind to good design. But how could someone with great taste make a such an ugly choice?

At the time, it didn't seem ugly. Like most trends, it was in fashion, and everyone was doing it -- so what more reason did she need to lure her to buy an acrylic toilet seat or jump on any other trends? In 50 years, what will make the next generation cringe and ask, "Why'd they buy that?" What will be our acrylic butterfly toilet seat? Here are a few trends I don't think will stand the the test of time.

Animal Trophies
There will always be a place for tasteful taxidermy in a rustic space -- a skull, a pair of antlers -- but ditch decoupage, glitter, or paper mache animal heads. They're fun and trendy now, but when have you ever seen a pink glittered deer in the wild? It just doesn't make sense, which is why these accessories will become kitsch and dated.

Hipster References
Mustaches, owls, mason jar everything, etc. Rule of thumb: if an idea or symbol was popular on Etsy and is now in Target, don't buy it! I've said it before and I'll say it repeatedly until everyone stops obsessing over the mustache symbol: mustaches are dead, so just move on already. No one in the future will ever understand the obsession with the mustache. If you'd like to stay classic, don't decorate with cheeky mustache prints or owls, and reserve mason jars for drinking, eating, and storing food.

Ultra Trendy Patterns
I love prints. I really do. But steer clear of anything that's too trendy if you're looking for longevity in your design. When patterns or colors are so popular that they are everywhere, they become associated with that specific time period. Think: the 1970s and avocado or the 1960s and the boomerang print. Future generations associate those colors and designs with a specific past era. So basically ubiquitous patterns are destined to become dated. Stop buying chevron before it's too late!

Like your mom always told you just because everyone else is doing it doesn't mean you have to. Try not to buy things solely because they're on trend. My advice when shopping: buy the things you love. Your taste is your own, and if you follow your heart, you'll never feel like you made a mistake in the name of fashion.

What do you think people will question about our generation's design sensibilities in 50 years?