01/16/2012 04:54 pm ET Updated Mar 17, 2012

100 Million Per Day Just to Keep the Light on!!

Most Americans inevitably lend themselves to drama and likely enjoy much of it (hence the popularity of the Kardashians), as it offers a momentary escape from their hum-drum, everyday life and often affords them the illusion of living vicariously.

So while the drama surrounding Governor Romney heightens with Gingrich, via negative ads, it momentarily allures many Americans; but in the end, citizens will settle for the most stable candidate. Governor Romney, whose concept runs parallel with their own innate hopes for their home life, includes their concept of righting the "ship" and the economy to return to comfort. It cannot be that we borrow a hundred million daily just to keep the lights on.

Therefore, the January 21st South Carolina GOP primary is a most crucial battle for Governor Mitt Romney and hopefully the Conservatives' weariness of his corporate side shall prevail in the decision making that it has nothing to do with religion but sound business practices.

Despite an expensive, cynical and systematic attack on his stint as an investment banker by sour grape ex-Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich, Governor Romney, at this time, is ahead in the polls in South Carolina. Some of the reasons why the electorate will go with Governor Romney....

First, despite the fact that Christian community leaders met in Texas this week to lend their support to Senator Rick Santorum, their cacophony and vocal discord about Governor Romney's faith has no bearing on his political ability to steer the ship of state -- if anything it has placed them into the position to have to delve into his political skills rather than separate him through religion. Ask yourself, why does Jack Welsh, who is one of the most successful businessmen who I respect and admire, and Suzy Welsh, who worked alongside Governor Romney while he was in the private sector running Bain Capital, say that he implemented a direction and moved forward with zeal and determination?

Second, Governor Romney will win because airing nasty television comments that are purposely distorted by various groups are nothing compared to what will be seen from President Obama's, who brings to the table Axelrod. It is crucial to understand that a free market economy and private equity are a plus for our economic wellness... In stark contrast to President Obama's utopian vision of society: trying to push under the carpet the Solyndra debacle, The Green Job Initiatives, bailing out GM. It is most likely that the DNC will expose their Solyndra moment when they try to highlight Governor Romney's Bain Capital career -- as free people in the free market would mitigate most of the problems with more finesse than would, say, ex-Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich, who is promoting himself as a "Georgia-Reagan Conservative".

So, again, the private sector is the greatest creator of jobs in America and accounts for most employment. Most of the negative ads are pure fiction and hyperbole, or did evolution make us poor economists...? I don't believe that as Americans we have lost grips of our core values and our integrity to produce and innovate. Meanwhile, Congressman Ron Paul and Senator Rick Santorum will hang on for Florida simply for their ego. Meanwhile, the ex-Speaker of the House is going it to get Governor Romney ready to spar with our most eloquent example of Chicago politics, President Obama... More to come!