01/11/2012 03:38 pm ET Updated Mar 12, 2012

Public Sector + Government Sector = "HOPE"

Governor Romney makes his second presidential touchdown, two wins in Iowa and in New Hampshire, but discerning referees have a flag on the play. His touchdowns are honest in the way that he got there but how may he continue to run his plays given the climate where battology is rampant? Should Governor Romney be our president? Even so, how he's running his plays is drawing independents' interest like me, perhaps as a last ditch effort to survive America's economic ills, which are systemic. Is this going to be a two man national race? Congrats Ron Paul for bringing in the young people and considering our civil rights.

President Obama ascended to power with a message of change and hope which of course are expectations for each American -- he spouted the right words at the right time, but when push came to shove, his achievements can only be counted in one phalange. For many, his repetitive message of hope and change became a hypnotic mantra which mesmerized a nation which was grieving and aching sorely and advantage was his for the taking.

President Obama has not thus far been able to execute on healing the economy, creating jobs and allowing the free market itself to correct the imbalances due to his lack of leadership and compromise. Furthermore, everyone he has picked around him has been resigning, most recently White House Chief of Staff, William Daley. It is now time for all Americans to embark on the journey together as we once did to create the world's most amazing nation which truly was a beacon of hope, liberty and prosperity with hard work and solid values.

Many raise the question: Business is a very different engine from government. The private sector is sustained and driven by profit, while the government is not. So, why hire a business man/ex-Governor Romney to do a non-business like job? Even though the United States economy is the biggest company in the world thus far. Unless we allow our "most favored trading nation", i.e. China, to continue to sink the US by selling us cheap trinkets for our hard earned money. Like any good administrator the president is ultimately responsible for re-invigorating his factories to reflect the needs of the businesses and creating a 21st century work force up to the task of the new paradigm which now is a great equalizer in the "global village".

Yet, that is exactly why business experience is timely for America's current situation. The government needs more incentive to run more efficiently, help with its economic problems, steering in stride with free market ideals for which America has traditionally always represented; otherwise the inevitable is that diligent and bright individuals will vote with their feet and expatriate to the newest and most profitable market, further aggravating our lack of skilled managers who can steward under the tenets of sound business ethics. Hence, a free market, less regulated by bureaucrats, that allows business owners to feel the incentives they once possessed to create new companies and hire in their stable atmosphere which is most commonly American.

Rather than be just an uninformed heckler, I have taken the decision to educate myself and seek the younger and talented voices who have proven themselves in political circles and are able to think out of the box and also have a great stake at hand due to their future facing them and all in our nation; this is the reason why I have sought their input in order to write this piece and produce video clips, I have partnered with previous White House political appointees, reporters, scholars.

Furthermore, it was an important decision to find a young and talented individual whose credentials include being the youngest person to first ever lobby through character education funding in the Alabama State Budget, Jessica Headley. She understands the dead weight in government first hand from many its many facets. In business, to move a company forward and carry out its goals, a company needs to meet its bottom line, constantly shedding dead weight. That means shedding employees who do not perform the job they have been assigned or simply sliding by and expecting that seniority shall do its job to promote them. It's all about differentiation. That means getting rid of excess expenses, and ensuring the product produced is returning appropriate profit. That means meeting deadlines that are tangible, not ones that are continuously changing. Yes, the government has deadlines, but it is not driven by profit. So, in many experiences like Miss Headley's, deadlines for simple projects are drawn out for a year before being approved, simply because there were so many layers of government to cut through. There is rarely an incentive in place at the end of the day to speed people up or gear them towards efficiency.

Even in Governor Romney's recent "firing" comment, he wasn't in the wrong. What makes the free market work, in my years of experience, is managing people into a winning team. I, too, must have the ability as an executive at Community Entertainment to layoff for economic reasons individuals from Los Angeles, London, Toronto, British Columbia, and Australia if they are unable or "unwilling" to meet the companies needs. If I didn't have the ability, the company would accumulate holes and eventually sink because employees would not have to perform and therefore would not be answerable for their actions and shift blame like the current administration.

Yet in all of Governor Romney's potential for rebalancing the economy, as referees, we are still throwing a flag....

Governor Romney seems to have the ability to be resilient and pull himself up by his bootstraps and do the same with every task at hand -- the same would apply to the state of affairs which would be facing him. A system of government where one rarely does what's right for the country because politicians have to appease so many sides. Why would a man like Cain have been the answer over other Democratic and Republican candidates? Because, he was the one true magnet who spoke of the political conversation offering direct answers that were popular or not. At the heart of political culture is a diplomatic public speaking ability that gets one into office by saying the most to appease the masses without really saying anything at all. In translation! Rhetorics! To abstain from making a choice on contentious topics except those positions already expected within their party lines, politicians keep themselves out of the crossfires such as the Governor of California whose performance so far has been rhetorical at best. It also grants them mobility when it comes to compromising and bargaining with those in their party. If one comes out too forcefully on a topic, they have a hard time going back on their word even if they need to concede a point in order to win the larger battle in leading us to a vortex of dread and paralysis. So, the best ammunition and winning point in politics is to say a lot about nothing.

So, while Governor Romney might be the only hope we have for some form of change economically, to return power to Congress, and do away with the private banking cartel called the Federal Reserve Bank -- which is no less private than Federal Express -- do not expect to see many changes in other long outstanding impairments such as Social Security, which we now know has been plundered, the Dream Act, whose sole purpose was to allow illegal immigration to become the next wave of Democratic votes, fuel concerns. It is why I shall be heading with others to an upcoming decisive primary. Our think tank will be analyzing the action on a cognizant level to bring to you, Americans, non-partisan information from the ground up as we all want more autonomy, hence our best shot is to truly earn it.