09/26/2014 01:46 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

3 Things You Should Keep Your iPhone 6 From

The iPhone 6 is now in full swing, people are buying the phones out faster than ever before, with the two new phones hitting as many as 10 million purchases over the opening weekend. But, record sales won't make up for security issues, battery glitches, and many other problems that the phone is having.

It's no doubt causing problems for many, one of the most talked about bugs of the new iPhone 6 is that the Plus version of the phone can actually be bent with your bare hands, or with the force that you'll find in your pockets. You can actually find people making videos of their phones bending, at first it was only a test for science, but has now escalated to more iPhone 6 owners.


Apple is working hard to get everything back in fully functional order. The stock is down, the speculation of how Steve Jobs did a much better job at managing the company is already a widespread idea, and developers aren't very pleased with the state of iOS 8 either.

Let's take a look at some clips that people have uploaded to YouTube, showing us what we need to keep our iPhone 6 phones away from.



The iPhone 6 is not water resistant, and although the first couple of seconds of this video showing that nothing happens when you put the phone in water, after a short while -- it becomes evident that the phone will suck-in any water that's around it. Watch where you put your phone!



Neither is the iPhone 6 resistant to being dropped on solid concrete, as we see in this video -- the iPhone 6 experienced some serious damage from being dropped on the ground like that. The phone is durable, but it won't be able to take that many hits for you to be freely throwing it around.



You might be thinking to yourself that you've got this covered, you feel confident in the fact that you won't be bending your iPhone 6, but don't let the feeling fool you. No matter what, don't try and bend your iPhone 6 with your hands. You can do it, but what's the point? This guy has reviewed the bending feature, and it seems to be more realistic that some care to admit.


We now know at least three things to keep our iPhone 6 from, what else is out there? Has anyone seen a video where the new phone is getting blended? I'm sure it blends.