03/26/2013 04:26 pm ET Updated May 26, 2013

Rooms in the Paintings

You paint architecture -- both interior and exterior. I'm particularly intrigued by the depth of space you achieve when painting closets, hallways and rapidly receding rooms. How does painting architecture differ (or not) from painting bodies?

It does not really matter. I don't paint people or architecture. I paint paintings. The buildings, rooms are in the paintings because they contain people. I don't have particular interest in architecture. If I encountered most people in the woods I would be painting the woods. As it is, the environments my people inhabit are rooms in buildings. Their life experiences are shaped by their environments and they, of course, in turn shape their environments themselves. Questions of private and public spaces come up. Your bedroom is your private space. The painting you are in is a public space. What is it when your bedroom is in a painting? Placing a person in their environment on a painting brings on the question of including or excluding the viewer in that environment. That ultimately shapes your experience with the painting, as a viewer.