04/18/2009 05:12 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

Humor from AIG?

Earlier this evening, I was standing at my kitchen counter, sifting through the mail and half listening to someone on television ranting about the AIG bonus scandal.

Then I noticed that I had received a postcard from AIG. One of those big, 5 by 8, slightly thick postcards. It was urging me to switch to AIG as my insurer. At the top of the card, in big bold letters, it said: "Five cars, four homes, three sculptures, two yachts, and just one organization to protect them all." That's quite a few more homes, cars, and yachts than I own, but I read on.

AIG promoted itself to me by pointing out that it had not only a "comprehensive array of insurance products" but also "unsurpassed risk management expertise." Apparently, the company believed that I was a "high net worth individual" (wrong!) who didn't read the newspaper, watch television, or listen to the radio. Or maybe they thought I was off living in one of my eight caves.

At the bottom of the postcard, the company signed off (again in bold letters) with its slogan: "we know risk."

I'm not making this up. You couldn't make this stuff up.